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All Wales Boat Show

The All Wales Boat Show is a celebration of all water-based activities. The event was welcomed in 2008 and ran successfully for four years in Bangor drawing over 100 exhibitors and attracting on average 3,500 visitors per day.

There's plenty of activities and attractions available all day from 10:00 - 18:00 each day including RNLI displays, free kayak sessions, wake-board demonstrations and more but the main attraction is Fly Boarding.

What is Fly Boarding?

So, what is Fly Boarding? Fly Boarding is a water jet pack attached to a long hose connected to a powerful jet ski. Through the jet ski, gallons of water are pumped at high pressure that can lift you up to 15 metres high.

Visitors to the show will get the chance to be the first in Wales to try out the new water sport which is said to make a big splash in the area. Anyone can have a go and Wet Jets are offering a 10 minute session with an instructor for £40.

Tried and tested by Hollywood stars Vin Deisel, Tom Cruise and Leonardo DeCaprio, the adrenaline filled sport will be showcased and demonstrated at the All Wales Boat Show 2014.

 Flying like a bird while swimming like a dolphin 

Mike Dear, head of sales and training at Wet Jets commented:

"We've demonstrated it at a couple of boat shows but bringing it to Conwy will be the first time it has been available to try at a show in Wales "


10:00 - 18:00


All Day Pass Friday

£8.50 - £10.00

All Day Pass Saturday

£8.50 - £10.00

All Day Pass Sunday

£8.50 - £10.00

All Day 3 Day Pass


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