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Wales is one of only three countries in the world that has a dragon on their national flag, the others being Bhutan and Malta.

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Things To Do in Conwy

Conwy is one of Wales' most impressive towns, with its well preserved 13th century castle, busy riverside quay and 3/4 mile long town walls.

The town of Conwy sits proudly on the west side of the Conwy river and has a population of over 14,000 residents. Together with the castle the town also boasts a fine collection of historic buildings, a prestigious art gallery, a bustling riverside quay, a wide selection of shops, pubs, restaurants and accommodation. Conwy is one of North Wales premier tourist attractions and continues to be a busy and thriving town throughout the year. Take a look at Conwy's places of interest.

Conwy Castle

It’s a little wonder why Conwy is up there with the great castles of medieval Europe. The fortress is a World Heritage Site, along with Conwy’s other exceptional historic glory.

Conwy Castle Town Walls

The castle walls in Conwy are one of the best preserved in Europe and judged the finest in Britain. Why not come and see for yourself?


Conwy Suspension Bridge

Conwy Suspension Bridge was one of the first road suspension bridges in the world. Built by Thomas Telford, the bridge was cutting edge technology 180 years ago.

Smallest House in Great Britain

The smallest house in Great Britain, also known as the Quay House is nestled on Conwy’s beautiful quayside in North Wales. The petite house brings thousands of visitors from all over the world every year, so why miss out?

Aberconwy House

Dating back to the fourteenth century, Aberconwy House is a small medieval merchants house to be the only surviving merchants house in Conwy to encounter the towns rough history for six centurys. The house is belived to be the oldest dwelling of it's type in Wales and built around 1420.

Plas Mawr Elizabethan Townhouse

In the narrow streets of Conwy proudly stands an Elizabethan Townhouse, Plas Mawr. It is the first rate surviving town house of the Elizabethan era to be found in Great Britain.

St Mary's Church

St Mary's is the parish church of Conwy. When King Edward I captured the land for his castle and walls, the church was moved near Llanrwst. Many memorable people have been buried in St Mary's Church over the years.

Conwy Mussel Museum

Conwy was once the most critical pearl fisheries in the country. Conwy would harvest 4 kilos of pearls per week in the 19th century. Musseling in Conwy today is still carried out the old fashioned way but on a much smaller scale. The museum provides history of the Conwy mussels and their uses.

Lancaster Square & The Statue of Llewelyn

Lancaster square is the town square in the centre of Conwy. It hosts several festivals and events each and every year. In the centre of the square a statue of Llewelyn ap Iowerth stands proudly above a fountain.

The Knight Shop

The Knight Shop is a very unique place to visit while you're in Conwy, it contains everything a knight could ever wish for. The shop holds a whole range of items including suits of armour, swords and sheilds. You really won't find another shop like it.

Conwy Walks

There are many of reasons to go for a walk in Conwy and these are just a few of them. Take a look at our guided and non guided walks to give you some inspiration.

Conwy Golf Club

If you are an avid golfer, then this course is a must see!

It is thought that Conwy Golf Club may have been the first place in Wales where golf has been played, after three Scotsmen set out a rough course on the Conwy Morfa.

Conwy Quay

The Conwy Quay is one of the main places to visit in Conwy with it's beautiful panoramic views of the estuary and castle. The quay has many attractions on it such as the smallest house in Britain and the mussel museum

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